Platinium 40/90 Series Hydrostar - (Small Pots)

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Imagine a new life. In your new life, do you run to the store every time you need fresh herbs, ripe fruits, or vegetables? Or are you avoiding the hustle and bustle of your local supermarket and growing food your self? Experience joy in gardening, satisfaction in sharing, and pride in self-sufficiency. Food is life, Start farming today.

  • The platinium Hydrostar combines water conservation, year around production and minimal use of pesticides to grow herbs, fruits, and vegetables that are documented as having higher nutritional value and more desirable sensory attributes when compared to soil grown produce (Chenin Treftz, Stanley T. Omaye, (2015)
  • Healthier and happier plants equal healthier and happier humans.

The Platinium  Series HydroStar...

... hydroponic grow system is a modular, recirculating (aka-recovery), drip system. Platinium HydroStar is available in 5 series, 40, 60, 40:90, 100, and 120 series. All series comes equipt with reservoir, pots, tray, tubing kit, submersible pump, drippers, easy access reservoir lid.

Series System Reservoir    Square Pots Measurements  
40 Series system 4.2 gal 4x 1gal/3.4L  (5.9”x5.9”x7.9”) 16”x14.5”x10”
60 Series system 6.6 gal 6x 1.6gal/6L  (7”x7”x9”) 23.5”x23.5”x10”
40/90 Series system 10.5 gal 10x 1.6gal/6L  (7”x7”x9”) 35.5”x15”x10”
100 Series system 21.1 gal 20x 1.6gal/6L  (7”x7”x9”)


120 Series system 31.7 gal 30x 1.6gal/6L  (7”x7”x9”) 47.5”x45.5”x10”


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Chenin Treftz, Stanley T. Omaye (2015) COMPARISION BETWEEN HYDROPONIC AND SOIL SYSTEMS FOR GROWING STRAWBERRIES IN A GREENHOUSE, Agriculture, Nutrition and Veterinary Sciences Department and Environmental Sciences and Health Graduate Program, University of Nevada, Reno, USA.